• UPC^2 (Ultra-Performance Convergence Chromatography)

Ultra Performance LC = UPLC

The Newest two models: Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography:

The Breakthrough in LC Systems


Isorcratic or Gradient; UV and/or RI system

Affordable Analytical System:

Controlled by Breeze Software

The Breeze™ HPLC System delivers technology and performance in an affordable, compact, and user-friendly system platform. Complete with software, pump, detector and injector, the Breeze comes pre-configured for different levels of HPLC operational needs.

General Description and brochure

Semi- and Full- Preparative PUMPS


Analytical to Semi-Preparative HPLC Purification

Gradient Solvent Delivery

Typical Column I.D. (mm) Max Flow Rate (mL/min) Fluid Handling Unit Sample Load Software 
2.0 to 19.0  22.51525 EF µg to tens of mg MassLynx™ or Empower™ 2 
4.6 to 30.0 50.02535 Quaternary Gradient Module mg to g MassLynx or Empower 2 
4.6 to 50.0  150.02545 Quaternary Gradient Module mg to g MassLynx or Empower 2 
4.6 to 50.0  150.02545 Binary Gradient Module mg to g MassLynx 
7.8 to 75.0  300.02555 Quaternary Gradient Module mg to tens of g MassLynx or Empower 2 


Fraction Collector III Has a durable X-Y movement mechanism to manage the collection of purified peak fractions for use with HPLC, Preparative HPLC, and MS applications.